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Pork Shoulder or Pork Butt - Starting from the front of the pig: Pork shoulder is generally sold as a 5 to 10 pound boneless roast at the grocery store.
Picnic Ham - Immediately below the shoulder is the next cut you’re likely to find: the Picnic Ham. But the picnic ham is the lower part of shoulder. This is another relatively tough and fatty cut, though it is often sold bone-in.
Country Style Spare Ribs - These come directly off the picnic ham. The country-style spareribs contain a combination of dark and light meat.
Front Hock - This cut usually comes already brined and smoked and sold as a “ham hock” in the store.
Pork Loin - The pork loin comes from the pig’s back and is large, lean and tender. Slow roasting is best. Don’t cook it too much, or on too high of a  heat – because it is so lean, it will get pretty dry.
Pork Chops - Thick or thin, bone-in or bone-less pork chops are cut from meat perpendicular to the spine, often from the loin. Pork chops from the shoulder end are fattier than from the loin end.  If you have chops from the shoulder end, they’re great for slow roasting or lower, longer grill cooking.
Baby Back Ribs - When you debone a pork loin, the ribs that come off of that are the baby back ribs. They are a more tender rib option: The meat in between the ribs is a loin meat instead of a belly meat.
Braise, barbecue or bake.
Pork Belly - If you go up to rub a pig’s belly you’re, well, rubbing the belly meat. Bacon is pork belly cured, smoked, and sliced.
Spare Ribs - Spare ribs come off of the belly.  Cook: Braising, smoking or low-temp grilling.
Sirloin -  Continuing to move back, next up is sirloin, which is often cut up into chops. They are some of the best chops to marinate and grill, almost as tender as pork chops, but they have more muscle from the leg, so they have more flavor.
Rear Leg - Most people eat the rear leg as ham – cured, smoked and processed in some kind of way.  It’s a great roast pork, a little leaner. It’s usually cheaper than a pork loin, and serves more people.
Hock - The rear hock is just like the shank of the front leg. It usually comes cured and smoked.

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Custom Pork Pricing
Slaughter                                       $  58.00
Slaughter over 350 lbs.         $  68.00
Cut, vacuum sealed
Flash frozen                                 $        .58 per lb.
Smoking                                         $        .65 per lb.
Mostly or all Sausage             $        .68 per lb.
Slaughter Only (Roaster)     $  60.00
Butterfly Pig                                $  15.00
Retail Pricing
Bacon                                               $    4.49 per lb.
Breakfast Sausage                    $    3.89 per lb.
Boneless Pork Chops              $    3.89 per lb.
Butter                                               $    9.50 per lb.